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The activities planned for the center are divided into three groups: Research at the center, international cooperative research, and applications created by the center. The communication and dissemination of results as well as products will be provided by a website. Additionally, the website serves as a focus and locus of (virtual) international cooperation.

Research subjects at the center: Narratology and cognitive linguistics; model creation, simulation, and narration; narrative structures of the physical and chemical sciences; folk science and everyday understanding of nature; narration and creation of public awareness; assessment methods based upon the use of imaginative structures of the human mind. We expect these subjects to contribute to the interfaces between narratology, understanding of nature, and new cognitive sciences.

International cooperative research: Narrative in biology, economics and medicine; narrative approaches to children’s education; philosophy of the human mind—philosophy of causality and explanation; narratology in literature and history. (This research is made possible by direct contact—inviting international specialists for research stays at the center or visits by researchers at the center to home institutions of our scientific contacts; transdisciplinary workshops); organizzare conferenze e seminari di approfondimento delle tematiche oggetto della sua attività.

Development of applications and dissemination. Developing stories about forces of nature for young learners; comics and theater about forces of nature and energy; educating the public about energy, environment and sustainability; support to industrial education laboratories, continuing education of teachers; assessment of results; svolgere attività di consulenza per enti pubblici e privati; realizzare pubblicazioni a stampa o di tipo informatizzato, nonché attività di documentazione, formazione e informazione.

Developing and maintaining a website. A first version of the website is already active. Important goals are the publication of research results by the partners of CNS; discussion forum; support for teachers and communicators (journalists) with courses, workshops and materials.